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**New Low Odor Products, New Multistone Colors**


NEW LOW ODOR URETHANE-We have reformulated our 1:1 ratio urethane topcoat that reduces the odor by 60%-70%. We have NOT changed the raw materials, just the new technology solvents to achieve the low odor so the durability is not compromised. The NEW low odor urethane will come in all colors with a gloss, satin or eggshell finish and curing times of 36, 24, and 10 hour. This can be used as an everyday coating as a replacement for what you are using now or as a coating to be used with customers who are concerned about the smell of standard urethane coatings. This will definitely help out in the commercial industry if you have apartment complexes or hotels apprehensive about the odor. This coating also comes with its own reducer.  Since the reducers have strong smells, we had to formulate a reducer that has a very low odor to it otherwise you will sacrifice some of the low odor with a strong odor reducer.

FINAL WIPE DOWN SOLVENT FOR MULTISTONE- We now carry a fast evaporating, low odor solvent that is good to use on our MULTISTONE prior to clear coating. This will help evaporate water in the multistone without damaging it. NOTE: You must make sure your multistone is dry enough to sand before using this as a final wipe down.  This solvent will also take off any minor contaminants on the surface.

COBRA GRIP-   We are now selling a non slip additive for the bathtub refinishing industry that can be used in any urethane, epoxy or waterbase coating as a non slip particle. It comes in coarse, medium and fine. The coarse is the EXACT same size particle as SHARKS GRIP, it’s actually the same material.  The advantage to Cobra Grip is we sell it CHEAPER and carry three different particle sizes.

MULTISTONE NEW COLORS- As of Jan 1st, 2016 we are adding 5 new colors to our multistone collection: Safire (red hue), Baltic Brown (brown/red hue), Kongo (white base/large fleck), Cashmere (white base/Large fleck) and Bellagio (white base/large fleck).

BRIEFCASES- In the last 2 years we have sold over 1,600 briefcases with 3 inch tiles sprayed with our multistone colors. We have changed the briefcase style over a year ago which makes it easier for the refinishers to display the tiles in the case. All the new tile colors will be included in the briefcase.  If you purchased a briefcase from us, we will send you the new colors to add in your existing briefcases on request of your next  paint order.  The briefcase costs $120.00. 

We will always stay on top of new technology, being a manufacturer gives us great opportunity to achieve our goals. All refinishers are always welcome to visit out facility in Orlando or Lodi New Jersey to see we are indeed manufactures and not distributors.

Thank You, 

Midwest Chemicals