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Roof Sealer

New to the public!

Our new commercial/industrial used acrylic sealer protects and seals tile roofs, pavers, concrete and bricks. It protects the surfaces from getting dirty and leaves it looking brand new. With LOW VOC and environmentally friendly this high solid content clear leaves surfaces with a radiant, high satin sheen.

The sealer is extremely flexible and is UV resistant so it does not chalk, fade or yellow in the sunlight. It is also water resistant which prevents mold and mildew from forming. Our acrylic sealer is not like most of the sealers sold at your local hardware store. This is a commercial used, high solid content clear. Other sealers are 10% solids and mostly water while ours is 70% solids.

Only two coats are suggested because we want to ensure 100% coverage on your surface, whereas others need at least four coats to achieve the same durability. We offer a 5 year warranty against fading or yellow and staining of mildew and mold.

Check out our “You Tube” video!

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-UV Resistant

- Low VOC

- Environmentally Friendly

- Protects against dirt/mold/mildew

- Flexible

- Holds up in harsh climates